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Dr. Nathan Thompson

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Dr. Nathan Thompson

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Dr. Thompson

Learn and utilize the principles of high intensity, short duration functional training at one of our gym locations

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Dr. Thompson

Take the first step towards correcting your health concerns using natural, drug-free protocols.

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Dr. Thompson

Discover the lifestyle events that are helping people lose weight, regain energy, sleep better, and reset their hormones using the latest in natural, drug-free protocols.

Dr. Nathan Thompson


Dr. Nathan Thompson

Dr. Nathan Thompson is no stranger to all things healthy.  Having grown up with asthma, allergies, and multiple sports injuries...

Transformatio 28

About the Book:

Transformation 28

This is not your ordinary diet and fitness book.  Transformation 28 goes beyond the...

T28 Challenge

About the 

T28 Challenge

Books and inspirational memes can only take your health so far.  The T28 Challenge takes your health and fitness to the next level by...


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