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About the T28 Challenge

T28 Challenge

Books and inspirational memes can only take your health and fitness so far.  The T28 Challenge takes your health and fitness to the next level by guiding you through what it FEELS like to:


  • Withdraw from sugars and grains

  • Work out with intensity

  • Properly and safely move when you exercise

  • Be accountable to yourself and others


To date, over 1000 people have taken the T28 Challenge and have successfully lost thousands of pounds, improved their hormones, lost medications, and improved their focus and energy. Most importantly, they have discovered that getting their fitness and nutrition back on track can be easy, fun, and a transforming experience.

Here's what you get with the T28 Challenge:

  • The T28 Challenge Kickoff

  • Pre / Post body weight and body fat %

  • Pre / Post fitness testing

  • Online fitness and nutritional resources

  • Group workouts with T28 coaches

  • Workouts programmed by Dr. Nathan Thompson

  • 28 days of online coaching and emails

  • Online group support

T28 Challenge

Find Your T28 Challenge!

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